Start Your Own CRAFT

Guidelines on Starting a CRAFT Program
Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training
Upper Midwest (Region 1)


Gather farmers

  • Establish need for a program
  • Secure commitment of farmers to guide the program (a board or advisory group)
  • Secure commitment to allow interns to attend all events
  • Secure commitment to lead training events
Outline a mission statement
  • Expose interns to diversity of approaches in farming
  • Provide a peer group for interns
  • Build cooperation among regional farmers
Define the components of the program
  • Workshops
  • Orientation
  • Transition sessions at season end
  • Exchanges
  • Other
Divide up responsibilities for the components
  • Who will organize each part?
  • Who will lead each activity?
  • Who will facilitate the evaluations?
  • Who will guide the overall program?
  • Who will handle administrative functions (mailings, printing, calls, finances, etc.)?
Map out how to handle expenses
  • Coordinating the annual planning meetings
  • Organizing the training activities
  • Leading the training activities
  • Transportation and food for the activities
  • Sending out the mailings (postage, paper, envelopes, cards)
  • Making phone calls to farmers and interns
  • Printing the annual CRAFT packets
  • Fundraising for the program
  • Decide on if/how much membership dues
Develop communications materials
  • Brochure
  • Annual CRAFT handbook (w/ calendar, opps, farms, advanced internships)
Publicize your CRAFT
  • On the web (ATTRA, Biodynamic Assoc., etc.)
  • Through all member farms
  • With colleges and universities
  • At regional events and conferences
This outline for starting a CRAFT was developed by the Upper Midwest CRAFT and Angelic Organics Learning Center. For more information on how to start a CRAFT program, contact the Angelic Organics Learning Center at or 815-389-8455. To find out more about other CRAFT programs or connect to CRAFT groups, join our Yahoo Group by sending an email to

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